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Full oil store and site lubrication management.
Health and safety
Application of Best Practices in lubricant storage, handling and safety.
ISO-Reliability Partners works on an open platform and transfers skills and knowledge to our valued customers.
Condition monitoring with reporting and Root Cause Analysis.
ISO-Reliability Partners can also provide partial lubrication management services, as per customer needs and requirements.
We work directly with the artisan, providing on-the-job training, up to the point of lubrication top-ups.
Oil & Grease lubrication specialists

(Distribute, Supply, Installation, Repairs and Maintenance)

We are first-tier suppliers of the most comprehensive range of International specialised lubricants.
Manufacture and supply of oil lubricating systems for Crushing, Milling and Hydraulics
Open gear lubrication specialists - Reduces friction, gear wear, vibration and power consumption.
Centralised and progressive grease lubricating systems
Wire Rope lubrication and corrosion protection
Sub-micron filtration systems for all types of hydrocarbons
Product and Service overview

(Design, Supply, Installation, Repairs and Maintenance)

- Sub-micron filtration systems for all types of hydrocarbons.
- Total filtration and protection solutions for generators and mobile.
- Bulk diesel filtration, water removal and fuel lubricity conditioning.
- Contamination and Wear control for Crushing, Milling, Gearbox and Hydraulic applications.
- Oil Recovery and conditioning plants for all types of ISO grade oil.
- Thermographic services - Analysis, fault-finding and reporting.
- Sub-micron breathers for all types of applications.
- Supply Hydraulic hoses and Fittings of all hydraulic applications.
- Seal and Hose Saver - Ultimate protection for hydraulic cylinders.
- Oil sampling, Elemental spectrographic analysis and reporting - Laboratory services and follow-up of highlighted recommendations.
- Plant wide condition monitoring with report programming.
- Auditing of general maintenance, problem solving, implementation and best practices
- Problem solving for all lubrication associated applications.
- Supplier of a full range of electrical motors
- Supply, servicing and repairs of high and low pressure gear and centrifugal pumps.

ISO-Reliability Partners Support is the roof of our added value programs. It includes a methodology developed by ISO-Reliability Lubrication that has already been used successfully in a multitude of applications.


Lubricant categories

1 New generation, energy saving, open gear lubricants
2 Engine oils
3 Automatic transmission
4 Power steering & suspension
5 Gearbox and deferential oils
6 Heavy duty engine & gear oils Greases
7 Engine coolants
8 Hydraulic / Trans Oil
9 Brake fluids
10 Metal working fluids
11 Process oil
12 White oil
13 Transformer oil
14 Compressor oil
15 Farm and Construction machinery oils